Crap, Crap, and More Crap

2008-07-09 02:57:24 by Zerce

Hey, I'm Jay Decay. I'm an acoustic punk performer from Erie PA. Right now I'm taking a break from shows and stuff to focus on the family and get some recordings done. You can check out my shit here: I also work on a video project called Spotlight TV, you can check that out here:

I basically put my music up here at Myspace to get it out there a little more, but I also put up music that doesn't fall in line with my acoustic punk stuff. I make stuff on Fruityloops and I do some metal/punk stuff. I also put up a few songs by my old band, "Obstruction to Freedom," you can check out.

Right now I'm also working on my first Flash animation that I consider worthy enough to put on Newgrounds. It's gonna be based around a Slime (Y'know the bad guys you fight in the beginning of every generic RPG ever) and how's he's sick of being messed with... It'll probably be a while before it's done, though, since I can't behind Flash for hours and work on stuff.

-Jay Decay